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We know how important your horses are to you and how stressful this time is for everyone and we are committed to ensuring the best care for them always.

We are also committed to making as small an imprint on this Pandemic as possible and to keep our family and staff healthy in order to take care of all the animals.

In light of the state of emergency just announced in Manitoba and at the recommendation of Equestrian Canada and the PTSO’s, we will be closing the barn to all “non-essential” personnel effective March 20, 2020 at 9:30pm and not reopen for at least 30days or until the curve begins to turn down in Canada . Unfortunately, that means all “students, friends, family, the public, and boarders”, see attached below a copy of the recommendations from EC and PTSO’s EC. Essential personnel will be limited to the Campbell/Auch family of 5 and 1-2 staff.

Please attend the barn today to retrieve any essential items you will need. When you come please ensure that you wash your hands and maintain social distancing (2m from anyone else) while you are there and touch as little as possible. If you cannot come today and need something, please call either Floyd 204-891-2824 or Susan 204-891-2824 to make arrangements.

We have confirmation from Elders Equine Veterinary Servicesthat they will continue to provide both emergency and regular care to the horses in our barn. This can change as their business adapts to this virus going forward. If you wish to have a different veterinarian care for your horses please provide us their contact information so that we can confirm with them that they are providing services and that they have appropriate rules in place for their own business approach to the virus.

Farrier services will be handled similarly: please provide us with the contact information and schedule for your farrier needs and we will confirm with them that their procedures are in line with generally accepted protocols at this time.

Both Veterinary and Farrier services will be administered by Oakbank Stables and billed to boarders. The handling fees will vary depending on the service provided but will generally be $10 for regular services.

Our vendors have confirmed that they do not anticipate any changes in the delivery of their services (hay, grain and shavings).

We understand that this is a significant step and event for our valued boarders and we look forward to re-opening to our boarders as soon as directed. We expect to follow the advice and directives of Government of Canada, Province of Manitoba, Equestrian Canada and the Manitoba Horse Council in this regard. Please be assured that the horse health will be the top priority next to keeping our staff and family healthy and reducing the spread of this pandemic.

In the coming days we will send out further updates on how we plan to keep you all connected to your animals during this time with video, cameras, group chats etc.

Please stay healthy, best regards,

Susan and Floyd

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